Juttla House
February 2, 2017


Ole Serini hotel who are the managers of the English Point Marina in Mombasa invited us to come up with a concept proposal for a Pizzeria that was required at the hotel in Mombasa. The brief was to come up with a functional space and the space to be a fusion of modern and Swahili. .

The design was a simple configuration of the public spaces at the front (Seating) and private spaces at the rear (Kitchen, storage + washrooms). The space offers a curved wall and angular corners which demanded economic spatial use. The design tucked in a drinks bar in one corner to optimize this corner well. To add some intrest in the space a raised platform was introduced at the curved wall which would house comfortable couch seating. The space makes good use of Local materials such as Botitti timber for ceilings, Coral stone for cladding of walls and also a mixture of other contemporary materials like gypsum board for the ceilings. contains fixed feature seating or clusters of people.

A pizza oven with bar seating forms an immediate attraction when entering the space. We introduced the idea of a bar seating at this space so that one can have a quick hot scrumptious pizza right at the pizza bar. We feel this will be a very delightful experience. A vast array of seating options occupies the open plan space. Selective treatment of the ceilings aims to emphasize key spaces. To add some more drama and a central feature to the space. a suspended dhow was introduced in the middle of the ceiling. This creates a bold statement which reflects the local culture. The overall theme of the space is a fusion of Swahili and contemporary design which come together harmoniously to create an exciting new experience. This concept was presented to the board and we are awaiting feedback on the way forward.

  • DESCRIPTION: New Build.
  • CLIENT: Corporate- Ole Serini Hotel
  • LOCATION: English Point Marina- Mombasa, Kenya.
  • COST: Ksh TBC
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Spire Studio Architects Ltd in collaboration with Designer Sandeep Sura

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