Proposed Rongai Mall
May 17, 2018
Bhogals Auto Garage
May 16, 2018


The redesigning of Apartment A4 was done keeping true to the Swahili style evident in the coastal areas in Kenya. In addition, the incorporation of contemporary elements uplifted the entire apartment creating a modern take to the traditional Swahili style. Redesigning of the living, dining and Bar area was done with a holistic view, attempting to define the spaces clearly as well as keeping an open plan approach.

The bedrooms are equipped with the maximum number of contemporary twists to basic swahili elements. Envisioned to be finished with a sleek and delicate look.

The bathrooms all stay true to the Swahili coastal styles. With mellow colour schemes and traditional Swahili elements like the bathroom divider, the finished screed floor brings the coastal feel together.

  • DESCRIPTION: Full interior design proposal
  • CLIENT: Private
  • LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya..
  • PROJECT ROLE: Redesign, detail, implement.
  • COST: Ksh TBC
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Spire Studio Architects Ltd in collaboration with Designer Sandeep Sura