GOODLIFE Pharmacies
February 2, 2017
Juttla House
February 2, 2017


The Client Mr and Mrs. Taylor approached us with a vision they had to transform their recently purchased residence in Runda-Nairobi. The client who owns a prominent Security service provider in Kenya wanted the house to be transformed from its current state. The house is a typically traditional villa set in a lush garden and the client required we upgrade the house and fully refurbish the interiors. .

The main refurbishment task is stripping down of the old roof and replacing it with a new steeper roof and finished with Asphalt shingles. The interior space will be transformed by this new roof void and the ceiling will form the bottom of the sloped roof.

The old balcony outside the living room will be demolished and replaced with a more prominent terrace. This elevation of the house will then have new windows and doors installed to complement the terrace. The entire interior of the house will be transformed with new floor tiles, new internal wall finishes, a new kitchen and all bathrooms will be refurbished. This project has been taken up by Spire Studio in conjunction with Avco agencies as a design and build project and is set to begin by July 2018.

  • DESCRIPTION: Refurbishments and Extensions.
  • CLIENT: Private
  • LOCATION: Runda- Nairobi, Kenya..
  • PROJECT ROLE:Concept Preperation, Detailling and Implementation at site
  • COST: Ksh TBC
  • PROJECT ARCHITECT: Spire Studio Architects Ltd in collaboration with Designer Sandeep Sura